Magazines, Blogs and Books

See Articles for national magazines and newspapers Beverly has written for including The New York Times, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Prevention and Salon.

Beverly’s work, views and writing have also been quoted in hundreds of articles and blogs including Babble, Jezebel, Psychology Today, Adweek, New York Magazine, Marriage Gems, First Things, and many others.  She has been quoted with favor in Family Whispering, by Melinda Blau, Atria Books, 2014, and was a contributor to Introducing Issues With Opposing Viewpoints: Divorce, Cengage Learning, Greenhaven Press, 2012. Her parenting advice also appears in Parents Ask, Experts Answer, published by Gryphon House in 2014 and awarded the Mom’s Choice award. During her first foray into the publishing world, she interviewed elementary school children about their favorite Pokemon and Digimon characters for several books published by St. Martin’s Press.

Radio Appearances

WRUU, Savannah, Ga.
May 25, 2017

“Beginning Again” series on Our American Network,
inaugural episode, May 2, 2016

Savannah Podcast with NPR-award-winning radio personality
Orlando Montoya, December 22, 2016 Turning Page, Writer Finds Magic in Savannah

Our American Network, Reading on “Our American Stories” with Lee Habeeb, December 17, 2015

iHeartRadio, WTKS, Savannah, with Bill Edwards, November 30, 2015

WebTalkRadio, Happily Ever After Is Just the Beginning (To Divorce or Not To Divorce, That Is The Question), with Lesli Doares, December 8, 2014

NPR, Radio Times, WHYY (Philadelphia), April 16, 2014

Run to Win, The Darryl Wood Show, WLQV, FaithTalk 1500 AM (Detroit), November 13, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio
Is getting a divorce too easy? The Daily Circuit, February 21, 2013

Divorce Source Radio
Interviewed by Deborah Moskovitch, author of The Smart Divorce, and Steve Peck, May 10, 2011
Listen to the entire interview:

Sirius Radio: The Ron and Fez Show
Beverly Willett interviewed by Ron Bennington, September 17, 2010
Listen to the entire interview:
Beverly Willett / Ron Bennington Part 1
Beverly Willett / Ron Bennington Part 2
Beverly Willett / Ron Bennington Part 3

Fox Radio: The Alan Colmes Show
Beverly Willett interviewed by Alan Colmes, September 1, 2010 (partial clip)
Listen to the entire interview:
Beverly Willett / Alan Colmes Part 1
Beverly Willett / Alan Colmes Part 2
Beverly Willett / Alan Colmes Part 3


WCF, Panel on Divorce
October 30, 2015, watch on YouTube

The Family Research Council
Devastation: Why Divorce Must Decline for America to Prosper, November 6, 2013, click here

NARME Conference, August 2013,
Why Marriage Educators Should Support Divorce Reform

NARME Conference, July 2012,
Divorce Reform in America and How Marriage Educators Can Help Reduce Unnecessary Divorce


MensNet TV, Summer 2011
Real Divorce Reform Part I

Real Divorce Reform Part II


Connect SavannahDecember 30, 2015

Center for Public Conversation, Institute for American Values
“Why Marriage Matters,” August 16, 2011

The Deseret News
Reforming divorce: Changing Laws to Preserve Families,” July 14, 2012




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