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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: I know you’ll have lots of questions after reading my book. But for help getting started, I’ve prepared some of my own.

  1. What does the book title “Disassembly Required” mean?
  2. What do you think inspired Willett to share her story in a memoir?
  3. Author Courtney Hargrave said that “Disassembly Required" is ostensibly about the breakup of Willett’s marriage and the loss of her dream house, but is really about “finding a home in one’s own skin.” What does she mean?
  4. Willett devotes nearly an entire chapter to discussing the concept of “home” and how the word is so embedded in our culture. What does the word “home” mean to you?
  5. Willett’s friends repeatedly told her that selling her dream house would allow her to reclaim her life. Do you agree? Why or why not? If you agree, what was Willett’s process and what “life” did she reclaim?
  6. The book opens and closes with the author going up and down the many staircases in her house. Why? What do the stairs mean to you?
  7. What scenes in the book stuck with you most? Which were the most shocking? The most inspiring? Which made you laugh?
  8. If you had attended the party in Chapter 29, would you have stood on the sidelines or joined with the author in her ritual? Why or why not?
  9. Willett talks at length about decluttering her possessions, but in the process also declutters her life. How do the two work hand in hand?
  10. Attachment is an underlying theme of the book. Why do you think Willett held on so tightly to so many things in her life?
  11. Discuss your own experiences of loss. How did holding on/letting go make you feel? Can you put yourself in Willett’s shoes and find something in her experience that could help you overcome a current loss or other difficulty?
  12. How did Willett’s daughters, friends, and spiritual teachers help her see the path to starting over?
  13. What did you think of Judge #7 and her views?
  14. Were you also raised on the concept of the American Dream? Is that a positive or negative in our culture today? Why or why not? Is the American Dream of the 1950s gone? Is there a new one for the 21st century? How and why might they be different?
  15. Compare Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” solution to Willett’s. Which is a more realistic recipe for healing from loss and moving on?
  16. How did Willett’s background and beliefs influence the decisions she made and ultimately her recovery?
  17. Why did Willett use the word “resurrection” in the subtitle, instead of a term like “reinvention” or “renewal?”
  18. What do you think is the book’s biggest take away?

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" Ostensibly about the break-up of her marriage and loss of her dream house, a four-story Victorian brownstone in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens neighborhood, Beverly Willett's absorbing memoir is really about finding a home in one's own skin. A delight."

Courtney Hargrave, Author of Burden: A Preacher, A Klansman and a True Story of Redemption in the Modern South, a major motion picture starring Forest Whitaker

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